Monday, April 09, 2012

Vicarious Hell

Tom Beans is back, winning the Hell of the North for a fourth time. Winning from 50 km out is impressive. It was like he was trying to show us he is as good as my boyfriend. Too bad my boyfriend wasn't there so that we could have witnessed the comparison between the two cobbled classics studs first-hand. In any case, all of us who didn't have the wisdom to pick Beans for the 2012 FGBC Spring Classics Pool are no doubt black and blue from kicking ourselves by now.

Kim had the best showing in the Pool. With contributions from Boonen, Flecha, and Boom, she got 1250 points. Mike H, who has been in Belgium checking in on his team, finished second. He had 1030 points. And Bill rounded out the podium with a 975 point day.

Troy is back atop the overall standings. He leads Pete by 275 points. I am in third overall, another 75 points back. But King Andy is lurking. He's just 10 points behind me and ready to pounce. Kim is also within striking distance of the podium. She's just 50 points back of the King.

Full results and overall standings here.

The Brabantse Pijl is on deck this Wednesday. And then we head to the Ardennes region where the skinny little climbers will come out to play.


The Big Frame said...

broken collarbones only take a few days to heal, right? C

Kim said...

It was a very exciting race indeed when for a little while there it looked like my 3 boys were all going to hit the podium on Easter Sunday, but alas they were snuck up on unawares and it was not to be.