Monday, April 30, 2012

Recon Ride Report [Updated]

The gravel is all there.  And then some.

Mark, Chris Yorke and I rode the route on a less than ideal day.  Ideally, the wind would not be gusting out of the south at 40-plus kph.  We opted for the whole route, about 110 km.  We are not sure it was the wisest decision.  But at least we know that it is there, it is navigable, and it is sweet.  It is also now Hipster-approved.

We did it on 2 cross bikes and a road bike (with 28c tires, though).  23c slicks may not be advisable due to the deep, fresh gravel on some of the secteurs gravé, as I'm calling them.  28 was okay, but don't try changing wheeltracks too often.  A file-tread cross tire might be the best compromise, but bear in mind that the last 30k or so are uninterrupted asphalt.

Important details coming soon here.


Anonymous said...

The route is excellent definitely worth riding on a regular basis. The dirt road pictured is probably the best part.

I rode 32mm file treads pumped up to 80psi. Easy going in the looser gravel and rolled easy on the pavement. I'd be amazed if anyone could ride the course on something smaller than 28mm and not flat or destroy their rims.

Brad the Impaler said...

Great picture. It's going to be awesome.

Chris (Yorke) said...

I agree with the file tread consensus. I was on full tread cross tires and wished I wasn't. I also wished I was in better shape.

The Dark Lord said...

Is it just a coincidence that gravé is very close to the English word grave?