Saturday, April 28, 2012

Gravel Recon

We have to make sure the gravel is actually there.
If you're not planning on racing on Sunday (not to discourage anyone, of course), there will be a ride to reconnoiter and confirm the route for next weekend.  We don't necessarily have to ride the whole thing, and this will definitely NOT be a race-pace ride.
Sunday morning, leaving my place at 8:30, or Starbuck's on Henderson at 8:45 for pre-ride caffeine.


Anonymous said...

Here's another option from a rural guy soon to be moving to Winnipeg.

Single Speed Sunday at Tinker Creek. 10 am. So far I'm the only confirmed rider.

Curt F

Or theres always the Little 250 - see the Abe's site for more info on that one.

Anonymous said...

Hey Adam, are you planning on riding the entire route or just part? What time do you expect to get back? I'm interested in coming but will depend on the time back.

Adam said...

If it's just me, I'll probably do the whole thing, but if people have time constraints, we can cut it short. There is also going to be a shorter route on the day of, for the Executive, and that needs mapping as well.

Anonymous said...

Adam, Chris Yorke and I will meet you at Starbucks on Henderson at 8:45 tomorrow morning.