Saturday, July 25, 2009

9 Mile

Paddy is representing the FGBC. And doing a mighty fine job so far, sitting just off the pace in the ss field. Halberto seems not to have recovered from his jet lag. Cam is looking strong. As usual. Luc seems to have run into problems on lap 3. Here's the latest:

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Anonymous said...

It's a sweet show thats for sure. I hope Paddy stays strong in the night as we know he can but sometimes his luck goes south. Naomi is a rock and there will be nothing but big numbers for her.
The boys need to grind it out and remember that it's all about the fun and new friends you meet on the course.Laps come easily when your smiling.

As for todays tour here are my two lines which sum it up. One is for the machismo and the other is for the sensitive.. Here we go......

"Going balls deep."

"His pride must be satisfied , his flesh got what was left over."

Todays stage was freakin awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Andy was EASILY the strongest rider today hands down . His devotion to his brother makes my top five favorite witnessed tour moments.

Lance was a monster . Showing that although he would traditionally be on the beach at this point in his life (Alla chippo , my favorite sprinter ever) he still has what it takes to be one of the big boys.

Alberto was great to his teammates but I do think he could not have won the stage or put a cap on Andy anyway. I think he's pretty much hooped next year and will be riding on a different team without the brains he has had all his previous grand tour wins . No other team manager can get that caliber of riders to work for the kind of cash they do. Ris has big names but are a step down from Johan.

Wiggins... wow . My wife who never tells me a guy is juiced is convinced a track rider with absolutely no real wins to his name cannot do what he did with the talent that was there this year. No disrespect to the trackies here but it's not even the same sport. I will never see a 100 meter runner win any major marathon .Track is very cool but about as different as can be from stage races.

Kloden, you tried brother and I'm proud. You climb grinder style and helped lance as best you could and thats what they pay you for. I'm sure Lance has an extra envelope of cash for you Sunday because you helped him when he needed it most. Who'd have thought that my favorite riders domestique would be helping his friendly rival years down the road?

Ignatiev, man you had your name on the bottom of the screen on a constant basis. You were one of the very few bright spots on that dead team.

Well it was funish. There were more dead days than exciting but the coronation street moments filled the racing gaps.
Cav was a rocket but Thor is showing us why he's a more complete rider and not a 200 meter guy. His riding was proof that he's a monster classics guy but sometimes just has bad luck . I guess he got all the blood back from that horror show accident a few years back. yuck!

Dallas " Lance is making his naughty and nice list for radio shack and it should be interesting. Phinney, Horner, Kloden, Levi, Popovich get diamonds I bet and Alberto gets coal." Sigurdur

Oh and Cadel sucks!!!!