Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday Anticipation

Thank goodness for off-the-grid racing. After a busy couple of months in May and June, July has been nothing short of a black hole on the MCA racing calendar. Without grass track and OperaciĆ³n MUERTO, we'd have no doubt forgotten all about the FGBC - RRR FGD Challenge by now. But there is a little action on the horizon to capture our attention for the coming week.

1) Road provincials are this weekend in hilly Holland, MB. We expect Cousin Adam will be there to fly the dark flag. This should be the highlight of the season for our VP Road. And since the race is broken down into age groupings, he won't have to face the dreaded duo of 12 year olds.

2) The WNRS at Bur Oak resumes next Wednesday. The Cricket is back in town. The President says he will be there. Might we even witness the debuts of Matt and the Secretary? We can always dream.

3) Far more exciting than all that, however, we can now see the dawn of the 2009 cyclocross season off in not-so-distant future. The first race is just over a month away. With that in mind, MUCR is gearing up to launch its 2009 advertising campaign. They have prepared a series of postcards that will start appearing around town shortly. There are still a few details left to be finalized. But one of the postcards has been leaked to the press. It's a winner.

The race calendar, which will be printed on the back, is as follows:

MBCX #1 - Aug. 30 - Crescent Drive Park
MBCX #2 - Sept. 20 - Kings Park
MBCX #3 - Sept. 26 - CMU
MBCX #4 - Oct. 4 - Bourkevale/Bruce Park (see the website)
MBCX #5 - Oct. 10 - Belgian Club
MBCX #6 - Oct. 18 - Altona
MBCX #7 - Oct. 25 - Whittier Park
MBCX Provincials - Nov. 1 - Woodhaven
MBCX #8 - Nov. 8 - TBD

After that, we will head to Minneapolis for their state championship race. It takes place on Nov. 14. This year we are sticking around for the party.

There will no doubt also be a number of off-the-grid cx races to fill in the gaps in the calendar. The three week wait between the first and second races on the calendar is particularly problematic. We will find a way to race anyway.

Johnny S and The ABES are busily preparing for the always exciting Southern Cross race in Altona. Sponsors are being lined up as we speak. And they tell us that an all new course is in the works for 2009. They even have a poster ready to go.

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