Wednesday, July 01, 2009

TNR Report

Tuesday Night Haiku

Too many questions
What are you guys training for?
Are you the Germans?

Some brand new bike lanes
Hope the paint is waterproof
Otherwise useless

VJ's is awesome
Burgers, fries, grease-stained grey slacks
No Black Flag shirt though

VJ's guy named Bill:
My twelve-speed Sekine bike
Is it a good one?

The klubhaus bike rack
Isn't really working out
The bench will suffice

Jonny had a crash
Apparently all his fault
Not the vested dude's

1 comment:

Brad the Impaler said...

I guess we should schedule a little work party to properly moor those bike racks. Or is it down to one? Mr. President, your diplomatic skills are required to get the OK to make this happen.