Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Fabian Stays in Yellow

By just 22/100 of a second ahead of some guy named Lance. It was close. Very, very close. Versus is getting its money's worth so far. Bob Roll can now go wash his soiled jeans. But today was good for Contador too. He is only 19 seconds back and must be licking his chops. It was not a good day for Evans, Menchov, and some other GC hopefuls who conceded big chunks of time today. As exciting as the last couple of stages have been, I wonder if they have stripped some of the drama from the rest of the race. Can Cancellara hold on in the mountains? No. Can Andy Schleck or someone else climb their way back into contention or will this be a full on Astana beat down of the field? We will have a better sense on Friday. It may turn into an everyone vs. Astana race, if not an Astana vs. Astana race. That might be fun. If nothing else, at least we have the FGBC Tour de France Pool to hold our attention. See Pez for a rundown of the rest of today's action.

Over in the FGBC Pool, it was Larry's day to shine. 198 points and a stage win for the diminutive RRR man. KK and Brad tell me that Larry loves him some Lance. I hope you enjoy it while it lasts, Larry. Something tells me that Bert is going to have his way with Lance when the road tilts up. Dallas never used to love Lance. But he's hopped on the bandwagon this year, and rode it to a second place finish today. He finished just 8 points back of Larry. Jonah rounded out the podium with 176 points.

In the overall race, Melissa has shoved King Andy off the throne. She now occupies the top spot all by herself with 974 points. Andy is still in second with 919. But Brad the Impaler is lurking just 5 points back and seems ready to pounce. Watch your back, Andy. It is scary when the Impaler gets that look in his eye.

Results and standings here.


Anonymous said...

Usually the route in a grand tour is what excites me but I have to say this years tour route sucks but the tactics are the best i have ever seen.
Please let this soap opera keep on keeping on.

Dallas " I hope lance splits the team :)" Sigurdur

the secretary said...

dr. h, this format is very good. it's nice to be able to see the ups and downs of one's position... and we haven't totally buried the bike fairy.

The Dark Lord said...

Yes, I think it's a keeper. At any rate, I am going to keep using it. I trust everyone will be able to adjust to the new format.