Wednesday, July 08, 2009

TNR Report

The Pinedale Project is a little closer to completion thanks to the generosity and industriousness of last night's TNR crew. It took about 15 minutes to throw the old roof into the dumpster. You are welcome Tom. But it wasn't all giving on our part. Lifting those chunks of roof up and over our heads gave us the upper body workout we've been sorely lacking.

From there, the bike fairy guided us to the figure eight/Metis infinity symbol track for a little racing action. Two person team pursuits. The team of Tomek and Juan Eppstein looked formidable, easily taking the first heat on their freewheeling mountain bikes. They caught the competition in just three laps. This sent a shiver of fear through the rest of the field, as it looked like the tight turns on the course left the deck stacked against the fixed gear riders. But that proved not to be the case. While Juan and Tom cruised into the finals, the all fixed team of Jonny G and me made it there as well. The final race included a few close calls at the crossroads, and the race went the full ten laps with neither team catching the other. But the fixies previaled in the end.

Then it was on to the klubhaus, where conversation included the ongoing saga of the bike racks, the superiority of FGD, Folk Fest, the awesomeness of midwives, and the decision to proceed on a 24 hour race at Birch next July. It will be organized jointly by a resurrected Birch Club, the FGBC, and RRR. And it will be awesome.


Coach Dave said...

24-hours of birch = awesomeness! We will get Patrick and his better half to come and show us what real suffering looks like. Count me in.

PaddyH said...

yes we will def be there to suffer...'twas awsome to see/ride/hang with y'all...we should be in for the TNR ride on the 21rst...likely the 28th as well


KK said...

Sweet profile pic.

Looks that that speedo's been off the hanger a few times...