Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Gianni will be at the clubhouse with the MUERTO hoodies and shirts. Bring him some money if you want your stuff. Shirts - $20. Hoodies - $50. Just kidding. I'm sure it will still be okay to bring money though.

The president reported at our ultimate game last night that we will also get to try out the new and improved bike racks. He and the Impaler installed them (properly) on Saturday.

And finally, we will have another special guest tonight. Greg the Lunchbucket Kid is in town from Hamilton and will be joining us for the ride. Maybe he will be so kind as to share his secrets on vicarious racing success. The Lethbridge Chapter may be there again as well to entertain us with stories from 9 Mile.

For all this and more, meet at my place, 9:30 pm.

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Gianni said...

False alarm.

Slight glitch on MUERTO gear - some ordering/sizing confusion (by the screening shop). It is being resolved, and everyone is being looked after, but stuff won't be ready tonight.

Rest assured, the wait will be worth it.

Stand by for further instructions.