Thursday, July 23, 2009

Grass Track #2

The special Wednesday edition of Grass Track Fridays was a smashing success. 10 racers showed up to double the size the field we've seen so far.

The Grass Track Czar served up another tasty menu for us. The program consisted of six races, with a nice mix of longer and shorter events as well as individual and team efforts.

Here's Jonny G, Steve S, and Mike G one lap into their two-lap match sprint.

Jonny would go on to win and advance to the final. He is looking strong. Watch out for him when it comes time for cx. Some asses are going to get kicked.

The highlight of the evening: Gilles's wipeout in the last corner of the one lap ITT. He was flying and looked like he might take the win, on a full-suspension mtb no less.

The kids were out in full force too. I counted seven of them. They mostly stuck to the playground. But there were a few brief moments of vigorous cowbell ringing. And the J-Train did take part in the one lap ITT.

Special thanks to Charlene for helping out with the officiating.

Results coming soon. More photos over at RRR.

Good times.

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Blog that was mentioned over beers last night ($2.50/pint for Half Pints St. James Pale Ale...) at the Belgian Club (where, yes, kids seem to be allowed):