Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Grass Track Racing Tonight

The weather forecast reads as follows:
A few showers ending early this morning then cloudy with 30 percent chance of showers.
Hopefully that will allow the show will go on. Plan to be there. How sweet would it be if we actually had more people present than RRR? Those guys have stepped it up over the last few weeks. Do we have a response?

A fun cyclocross (or mountain, or road racing) training opportunity brought to you by the Manitoba Union of Cyclocross Riders (MUCR)

At Betrand Arena - Bertrand @ Ritchot
No entry fee
No prizes
Track open for warm up at 6:30, training races start at 7 sharp
Mixed program of long and short, team and individual events
Any MCA member over 16 years of age can ride (only general membership required, not a racing license), OR...
Fun to watch (bring a blanket/chair, bug spray, noisemaker of your choosing...)
Beer at the Belgian Club afterwards (around 8:30, they only take cash)

Contact: Gianni

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g said...

in. last time was so much phun.

thats right...p h u n. possibly double n.