Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I hate to push Penner's new bike down from the top spot. But all of a sudden we face a rather tight deadline to order our OperaciĆ³n MUERTO wear. MUERTO clothing director Gianni reports that the order needs to be placed tomorrow. And the magic number to make it happen is 15.

Hoodies - $50 give or take

T-shirts - $20 give or take

Who is in? Which one do you want? Drop a comment ASAP. And don't forget to include your size.

Based on the original discussion, here's what we have so far:


Greg S
Mike G
Cory S
Dave D
Darryl (maybe?)
Olli (?)


Chris H
Jonny G
Johnny S
Tom K


KK said...

Seeing that t-shirts is now an option, my interest has shifted to the less costly option. I'd like to revise my order to the following:

T-shirt, size: large

Thanks to Gianni.

Adam said...

T-shirt, Large, please.
Also, I will be renewing the call for the sexier, summer version of the sweetest wool jersey in the coming days. Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

I'm still in for a hoodie, even if I have been a no-show. Medium most likely..

if it happens that you end up ordering just t-shirts instead of the hoodies, then I would take one of those instead.

wv: hudin

g said...

large T.

wv: suphrons

Altona Bicycle Enthusiast Society said...

Large t-shirt - JS

Anonymous said...

tshirt-medium, hoodie-medium.

Dallas "?" Sigurdur

cory smith said...

I would take a hoody size large.

Coach Dave said...

Hoodie please :0, large...Unless the large is large… then a medium please :)… I plan on losing some weight… some day soon

Cricket said...

since shirts are and option, I'll take a T-shirt, small.

Tom K said...

XL T-shirt gracias.

Still hope to make it to at least one enduro this year ... maybe the stars will aline!