Sunday, July 26, 2009

SJITW on the Podium

Twice. Well done Paddy and Naomi. You guys are awesome.


PaddyH said...


we're wrecked, rigid may have cost me, broken chain and bad batteries on laps 12-14 didn't help, Naomi rode super strong, we basically rode unsupported, Russell Theissen raced the 12 hrs and helped a bit in the early am, might see ya's on our way back hands laugh at the thought of racing a hundie in the mtns(Butte 100) next wknd...actually they're pretty numb...over and out


Tom K said...

Wicked ... Paddy & Naomi you rock - must be all the good ol Cdn mtn trg!!
Rigid for a 24 hr mtb race? ... your hands and forearms must be talk'n to ya right now!

Well done Cam, Luc & Hal!!!

halloewen said...

Namoi and Paddy both were impressive in their efforts. It was great to see them at the race and they deserve the kudos.

Cam rode really well, riding rigid along with Paddy. Riding rigid on that course takes it out of you very quickly, especially at night when the smoother lines are harder to find and ride.

Luc was very pleased with his ride and met the goals he set out for himself.

Russell T had fun with his ride and he and Luc rode most of the early hours together. Russell did not push it too hard as he his planning on cycling to Abbottsford in August and did not want to wreck himself before that endeavor.

Well done all.

The Dark Lord said...

What about you, Halberto?

PaddyH said...

I think Laura rode for Hal...everytime I saw him he was wrapped in a blankey

it was nice to see ya both Halberto!


halloewen said...

It was a sever case of biting off more than one could chew. 2.5 weeks of sweating, one case of diarrhea, 40 hours of travel on the way home (22 hours in planes) left me somewhat dehydrated. On lap 2 I felt like I was on lap 12 and when the mountain bike medics pass you and ask you if you are alright maybe your not - and I wasn't. It is also surprising how quickly you lose things when you have been off the bike for 3.5 weeks (the longest time that I can remember), my ass is somewhat on the tender side. Still had a lot of fun though and was glad to join Cam on several laps to give him someone to ride with.