Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stop the Presses

Yes, that photo is correct. No photoshopping. Just the raw visual facts. The Secretary showed up at Bur Oak last night for the Wednesday Night Race. I especially like how the sweetest jersey in the world is accompanied by the sweetest socks in the world. Very classy. It seems the Secretary is out to give the Vice President of Style a run for his money. He was praying for rain, the absence of zip ties, or anything else that might serve as an excuse to pull the plug. But the plug would not get pulled. There were zip ties. And the rain held up just long enough for us to get the race in, before it started pouring again on the way back home. So the Secretary raced his bike! And he was awesome. His awesomeness is confirmed in this post-race photo, where he reports on how it went.

As for the rest of us, after the last WNR our goals were simply not to finish last in our respective fields. And I am happy to report that we all successfully achieved those goals. The results show that Jonny G and Craig finished one second apart from each other. They were 7th and 8th, respectively, in the Comp race. I finished 6th in the Expert race. It sounds so much better than third-last. In the Sport race, the Secretary finished a respectable 9th place in his debut performace. And the President rolled in just behind him in 10th.

Back at the presidential palace after the race, there was post-race cake and a further recounting of Tuesday night's sweet ride. The Secretary suggested that it ranks, for him, among the very best TNRs of all time. Perhaps even the best. He was pretty pleased to have completed the airport circumnavigation project. It has been a few years in the works. He was also pleased to show off the fact that the Puch is just about ready for the road. All it needs is the bartape now. Expect to see it out next Tuesday night.

The Secretary's presence contributed to a impressive turnout for the FGBC. For the past two WNRs, we'd been significantly outmanned as RRR showed up with a truckload full of racers. But last night the FGBC finally had the larger team. In fact, the five of us comprised more than 10% of the overall field. KK did all he could to fly the flag for the mushy breakfast cereal boys. He finished third in the Comp race. But a couple of no-shows left him feeling vulnerable, alone, and surrounded by darkness. When all the results were tabulated, it added up to a convincing 70-20 victory for the dark side. We have reclaimed the lead. We are, however, still waiting on the results from Sunday. But for now, the scoreboard looks like this:


Anonymous said...

results are on the occ blog.
kevin b

The Dark Lord said...

Thanks Kevin. The speed with which you are getting the results up is very much appreciated. In fact, the whole series this year has been awesome. Thanks for all the thought and work you put into it.

the secretary said...

it was a good experience. might even try it again next year. i'm still convinced someone was putting my brakes on for the straight stretches... i kept thinking it shouldn't suck so much on those bits.

does anyone else think it's fairly uncool for the winner of sport to be faster than the winner of comp?

The Dark Lord said...

Very uncool. Move him up.

mhandsco said...

That's a puching nice Puch.