Thursday, July 09, 2009

Wednesday Night Slog

When it says "we are exactly what we are" it means we are old and tired. We had dead legs going in. And they only got deader by the time we reached the finish. Team FGBC wasn't feeling very sprightly last night at Bur Oak. But we raced anyway. And we still had some good times. Jonny G and I both finished dead last. So did the Fraggle. But she also finished first. And that is how we prefer to look at it. RRR once again showed up with a full squad. This time all five of them finished and, where possible, they were ahead of us. So RRR has stretched their lead a bit in the FGBC - RRR FGD Challenge. Some of you guys who are scared to race will have to get over that fear if we want to hang in this battle. Either that or we will have to break Mike's knees. Actually, he almost took care of that himself on the final lap yesterday, crashing hard on one of the sandy corners. He was moving pretty slowly when I passed him, but all of a sudden he came charging back. I think seeing the logo on the sweetest jersey in the world made him thirsty. And that, in turn, gave him extra motivation to get to the finish in a hurry. Nice to see Tenacious V take a break from his Folk Fest duties and watch the first few laps. Too bad we couldn't show him our best stuff. And even worse that our best stuff really isn't much better than what we displayed last night.

Results here.

How about some photos of the Sweetest Jersey in the World in action (courtesy of Dave Benson)?

Good times with the RRR crew at the Impaler's place after the race. We rode to BHP and back from his place. And he was kind enough to ensure that we were able to follow our strict post-race rehydration program when we got back to the Official FGBC Camper Van that was parked in his driveway.

And finally, the moment you've all been waiting for:

Note: the scoreboard reflects an adjustment to the Reach the Beach results. Somehow Colin omitted Luc from results. Don't tell Dr. Freud. Luc beat Brad by one spot, so anyone placing 27th or lower is affected (Brad, Dennis, and Adam). RRR loses 2 points and FGBC loses 1 point with the revision. In other words, the FGBC and RRR were actually tied at 524 heading into last night's race!


Gianni said...

Wow - those are some night photos (especially in what looks like pretty low light conditions). Kudos to Dave!

Gianni said...

Sorry - should say NICE photos.

The Dark Lord said...

Yes, Dave knows how to use a camera. Check out his website:

mike said...

You don't have to worry about breaking kneecaps for a while- up most of the night with great pain in the knee- limping today anyway. Yes, beer is a great motivator- even if it's on a FGBC jersey-thanks Chris for the motivation.

The Dark Lord said...

That is not good Mike. I hope it heals quickly.