Thursday, April 09, 2009

Spring Ride Roster

Less than 50 days to go now. Let's get this party started.

Last year we were pleased to welcome several Spring Ride rookies: Brad, Matt, Bill. But we also mourned the absence of some Spring Ride veterans: David S, the Duker, Jeff R, among others. The Altona contingent, in particular, was notably thin. But I get the sense that this year might turn out to be bigger and better than ever.

Who is going to be there? For which days? Are you interested in racing on Sunday?

Any questions?

Use comment button below.

In so far:

Dr. Divisive – Fri/Sat/Sun
Impaler – Fri/Sat/Sun
Matt – Fri/Sat/Sun
Jonny G – Fri/Sat/Sun
KK – Fri/Sat
Penner – Fri/Sat/Sun
Tenacious – Fri(?)/Sat/Sun
Gianni – Sat/Sun
Secretary – Fri/Sat/Sun
Johnny S - Fri/Sat/Sun
Craig - Fri/Sat/Sun

That is a good start. Two rookies and a gaggle of regulars, most in for the full meal deal. But so far only Johnny S from Altona. Who else will be there?


The Dark Lord said...

I will go first.

I will be there. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Racing on Sunday? It depends.

Brad the Impaler said...

Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
Racing? Can take it or leave it. After two days of riding, I won't likely place too well in a race, but since it's just down the road...

This year I feel like I've made a reasonable contribution to the beer fund. And I am acquiring a taste for Fort Garry Dark.

I am planning on bringing a tent trailer. Is there room for one more in the trailer village at the top of the hill?

mhandsco said...

Fri-Sun. I'll barely be walking Sunday, let alone racing.

g said...

The whole thing. I say let's ride a bunch and not worry about racing. I like the way this event has unfolded in the past. (low key sunday ride and lunch)

I could always be swayed but this is my precarious stance for now.

Brad the Impaler said...

Sunday road bike ride?

KK said...

I'd like to join in the festivities.

I need to confirm my availability, but it looks like Friday afternoon to Saturday evening right now.

penner said...

friday, saturdady, sunday.
my kids will be racing on sunday (KOM) not sure about me.
depends on how I land on whatever i will no doubt fall on and what I break.

always room for another dingbat on the hill Brad

tenacious v said...

Of course I will be there. I am hoping to be able to attend Friday as well as Saturday and Sunday. I also say lets ride a bunch and don't worry about racing. But you all knew I would say that anyway. I can hardly wait. This weekend always makes me feel like a little kid again.

Gianni said...

By hook or by crook, I'll be there Saturday and Sunday.

Not sure about racing. Beer hander-upper, or beer hand-upee? Hmmmm....

Gianni said...

By the way (unrelated... I'm pulling a Dallas) -

There are a few people going for a low-key, friendly, likely max 30km/h road ride tomorrow at BHP. Leavnig Chickadee parking lot at 1 p.m. going clockwise on the big loop.

the secretary said...

In for the whole deal. Racing seems deeply unlikely (read impossible) but, if my kids feel like they want to race, I'd support them, but I highly doubt that (and won't encourage it).

Anonymous said...

I'll be there for the full meal (read: beer) deal. I'll do my best to lure fellow Altonians to the sweetest weekend in the world.

Cricket said...

I'm in. Friday-Sunday. I'll need a lift, but i'm sure that can be worked out later. I'm not planning on racing, but if others are...