Monday, June 01, 2009

2009 FGBC Giro d'Italia Pool: Wrap-Up

Denis Menchov won the 2009 Giro. It was one of the most dramatic Giros in recent memory. We all know that by now. See Pez if you need more than that.

But what happened in the 2009 FGBC Giro d'Italia Pool was at least as dramatic as the Giro itself. Over the final three stages, we were treated to a thrilling back-and-forth struggle, as the top five (Chris H, Chris A, Dan L, Greg W, and Mike G) held nothing back in the battle to determine who would be king of the 2009 FGBC Giro d'Italia Pool. Starting with Friday's stage, the top five positions changed daily. In fact, it was not until the very last of the bonus points were added that the overall victory was decided. The big loser in all of this was me, Herr Doktor. After reclaiming the lead from Mike on Stage 20, I dropped all the way to 5th place by the time the dust settled. Prince Dan showed us that he is for real. He ended up occupying the final podium step. Greg W gave it a good try too. He ended up with the most bonus points for the final GC, and almost made the podium. In the end, he had to settle for 4th place. Not bad for a rookie. Meanwhile, the battle for the top step of the podium was as fierce as we've ever witnessed in a vicarious race. It looked for a while like Chris A was going to pull off an improbable come from behind win. But Mike managed to hold onto the top spot by just 37 points! He finished with 4865 points to Chris A's 4828. Considering that almost 5000 points were at stake, a 37 point win would probably be impossible to discern on a photo finish. For those who are keeping score, that is two wins in a row for Mike on the vicarious racing front. Impressive! Congratulations Mike.

Final Standings:

Mike G 4865
Chris A 4828
Dan L 4560
Greg W 4423
Chris H 4370
David S 4192
Kevin K 3749
Ian H 3746
Brad E 3723
Mark S 3691
Paul V 3649
Bill A 3637
Andy L 3631
Naomi H 3451
Rachel H 3376
Hal L 3356
Dallas S 3312
Charlene G 3240
LeAnn F 3044
Donna H 2949
Vic P 2743
Jonah H 2593
Brian S 2572
Paddy H 2510
Chris D 2506
Chris O 2503
Miriam H 2489
John W 2337
Matt H 2220
Jonny G 2013
Adam B 1941
Jonny B 1843
Craig P 1778

For those who want a blow by blow recap, see the scoring spreadsheet. Stage results and overall standings are at the bottom.

Thanks everyone for playing. I had fun and I trust the rest of you did too. We will do it all again in just over a month for the 2009 FGBC Tour de France Pool. Stay tuned for more information.

Of course, you will also recall that the 2009 FGBC Giro d'Italia Pool counted toward the FGBC - RRR FGD Challenge. With the overall winner and three teams in the top 10, RRR came out the big winner on that score. Mike, Kevin, and Brad racked up 53 points, while the FGBC could only muster 21 points with just two teams in the top 20 (5th place for me and 19th for LeAnn). So after the 2009 FGBC Giro d'Italia Pool, the standings are as follows:

Assuming Mike actually finished the race at Falcon yesterday, my guess is that RRR will have reclaimed the lead in this all-important competition. But of course the MCA website does not have any results posted yet. So we will have to wait on that. In any case, it is clear that we have some work to do, boys and girls. These cereal pushers are not taking this thing lightly. This week's opportunities to contribute to the challenge include the WNRS#2 at BHP on Wednesday and the Back 40 in Morden on Sunday. And the Crit Series continues in Ass. Park on Tuesday for those who prefer the asphalt over dirt. If nothing else, it would be nice to have every member of Team FGBC participate in at least one of these events. Although it's not officially a part of the FGBC - RRR FGD Challenge, the Krahn Barn Kermesse goes down on Saturday in Neuberghtal. RRR participation is still strongly encouraged. We are willing to add it to the challenge if you guys are game. If not, consider it an opportunity to bond with our brothers from Altona, the cycling capital of Southern Manitoba.


mike said...

I will point out that every FGBC pool I've entered I've won. Last year the TDF pool I also won...
Just putting that out there to put fear in all your hearts. I did manage to finish on Sunday- two flats, more crashes than I've had in my life, and one wrong turn. I crossed the finish on a flat- down, but not out, don't know if I broke top 20, but at least I was there- thanks for the heckles and the cheers. I recall a certain impaler saying there was a beer for me at the finish.... didn't see that (yet?)
Sorry to miss all the other weekend fun.
word verification "somess"

KK said...

Good job finishing with the multiple flats. Sounds like a certain Muddy Waters ride a few years ago. Regardless of how you finished, good on you for taking on those tricky conditions.

I suggest you avenge your Falcon showing and head out on Wednesday for Wednesday night race #2.

Brad the Impaler said...

I looked for you for quite a while, but you were nowhere to be found. The beer traveled home with me and met a predictable end. I'll have one ready for you in Morden but you have to race to get it.

It looked like a tough race. I was pretty glad I was heckling and not riding. Good job representing the red white and blue.

The Dark Lord said...

That's a pretty impressive record Mike. If there was anything actually at stake in these silly games, you could be a rich man. I trust you will be back to put your streak to the test in July.

Good to see you out racing on Sunday. That looked like fun. We missed you on Saturday. Hope to see you this weekend in Morden? Maybe even Neubergthal.

Campy Only said...

Im training harder, the TdF is mine!! I was using the Giro as a warmup :)