Wednesday, June 10, 2009

TNR Report

Present: the secretary, Vic, Craig, Jonny G, James, Bill, a moustachioed Jonny B, and me. The Impaler joined us mid-ride. And KK was waiting at the clubhouse when we got there. He brought chips. He did not, however, bring the Back 40 Butter Belt. That was deemed an expression of dishonor not befitting someone fortunate enough to have received such an esteemed prize. KK was duly chastised and assured us he would do better in the future.

Vic and the Secretary, both still reeling from the fact that they missed out on the EHL portion of the Spring Ride, showed up mumbling things like "this bike club needs more average riders" and "we need to tone it down a notch" and, the clincher, "we have forgotten exactly what we are." We at the FGBC like to think we are an accomodating bunch. So tone it down we did. Significantly. The Secretary led us on a nice leisurely ride through Ass. Park in the direction of Woodhaven. We stopped to work on our hipster cred by hanging out under a bridge for a while. It is quite clear, however, that we are not hipsters. After previewing a course for a future night race, it was back through Ass. Park and on to the klubhaus.

At the klubhaus, the Back 40 and the KBK were thoroughly rehashed. The tunes were not dialed in to the usual station. Metallica was a brief highlight. But otherwise it was a rather disappointing evening, music-wise. There was some talk about the status of The Book. The situation remains murky on that score.

There was one significant decision made. The birthday ride for Vic and KK will take place on June 28. Yes, we know that is the same day as the Bring a Friend Event. The FGBC and RRR will miss it this year. More information about the birthday ride to follow soon.

The Secretary opted to take up the Impaler on his offer of a ride home back to NK. This is noteworthy only for the fact that it provided an opportunity to witness the Impaler's innovative spade system for holding open the door on his truck as the bikes were being loaded. See below.


Eventually we did manage to get around to clarifying the situation surrounding the FGBC - RRR FGD Challenge. We are happy to report that The Challenge is back on track. RRR began by making a compelling case for adding Gilles to their roster. He sounds like a decent fellow and was deemed to be a good fit with the extended FGBC - RRR family. His status was provisionally approved, pending a future appearance at a Tuesday Night Ride some day. It was also decided that, should The Challenge end up in a tie, the team with the fewest riders who are actually signed up with other teams will take the win. The points situation for the Back 40 was also clarified. The idea of double points for 1 or 2 lap races was rejected. Only 80 km finishers receive the double point bonus. The end result is a 78-42 win by the FGBC for that round, with the breakdown as follows.

Chris 36
Jonny G 23
Johnny S 19
Craig 0
Unger 0

Kevin 26
Gilles 16
Brad 0
Mike 0
Lorne 0


LeAnn said...

I am going to step out on a limb here being the only female to race in this rivalry. I must say I am disappointed in the planning of yet another event that takes place on the same day as an MCA event. I would hope that you would show a little more support and respect for Manitoba cycling. This is not to say that you all need to race at Birch but why plan an event that forces good riders to choose where they want to ride on that day.

g said...

Club Member 50th birthday rides are very important.

Very important.

The Dark Lord said...

A few thoughts, in no particular order: We are exactly what we are. You may race if you like. Life is full of hard choices. Gender has nothing to do with it. The MCA is fine. But it does not have a monopoly on our attention. We love you Fraggle.

wv: distorle

the secretary said...

This precisely tests the issues regarding who we are. Some confusion over whether we're a club or a racing team is inevitable, but really, a 50th birthday ride, with early provision regarding food and drink stops, cuts to the core of why we're special. True rivalry is so worldly... what we have going with the RRR is different.
And if it means I have to take heat for bringing "the people's agenda" to the table, so be it.

the secretary said...

jb is kicking us all pretty badly in the 'stache cross.

The Dark Lord said...

Are you suggesting we reprise 'stache cross for The Challenge?

the secretary said...

That would take things up a notch in the "special" department. It could be part of MUERTO. It would be an unparalleled test of endurance.

Kevin B said...

holy moly JB is looking like his dad with the fuzzy lip. seriously, he looks about 10 years older than the last time i saw him. must be the water.

team jonny said...

long distance summer stache event? i'm intrigued.

Anonymous said...

aren't stache crosses saved for Mo-vember?
I agree that both mca races and 50th birthday rides are very important. I would say that the event with better food would win out with the RRR crew.
And KK holds the butter belt, so whatever he does, I'm with him.
mike g.

PaddyH said...

jb got the holeshot but he best be prepared to be lapped...


Brad the Impaler said...

Maybe no hipster cred was earned under the bridge, but some white trash cred was earned in that vehicle loading shot.

KK said...

On June 28th I'll be celebrating with Vic.

Racing is fun, but it's more nifty to ride with one who's fifty.