Friday, June 26, 2009

What are you waiting for?

KK reports that RTB needs 10 more registrations in order to fly. Get off your ass and get registered. Now!

Entry, waiver form, and other details here. Early bird (i.e., discount) deadline is tomorrow, June 27.


Kevin B said...

Their FAX machine is not working, maybe CALL them to confirm your registration.

WV - ludisse

Brad the Impaler said...

Apparently 12 ish registrations came in today, so they are now in the mid twenties. Let's bring it on home!!!


The Dark Lord said...

Good news. I am going to go ride around in the sandbox.

But more is still better.

The Dark Lord said...

If I may be so bold as to make a suggestion to the OCC: why not list the race roster on your website? It can only help the attempt to drum up interest in your race.

PaddyH said...

how is it that only 20 ish folks are signed up...what the eff?? has this race become too bourgeois??

HTFU peoples!


PaddyH said...

ps-9 mile goes up 15 bucks tomorrow(130.00)


mike said...

I'm in- at Olympia at noon, only 31 registered so far. I hear that they need 40 registered to go ahead?
Anyway, do it now and save $10.

The Dark Lord said...

That is some strange math. Yesterday they told us they needed 10. Since then, more than 10 have registered. And now they still need 9 to make it fly? Math is hard, but I don't like the feeling that I'm being played for a sucker. We're not that dumb.