Sunday, June 07, 2009

More KBK

The Krahn Bark Kermesse was sublime. Another success story for off-the-grid racing. 11 racers on a 1.5 km circuit around the Krahn Barn and the Hamm Housebarn in historic Neubergthal. In addition to some sweet architecture, the course featured slow and twisty paths through the tall grass, a cornfield, and a bit of asphalt and gravel thrown in to mix it up. And there was a rather complicated playing card handoff after each lap. The best poker hand won the cash. It was harder than it sounds. And there was at least one crash. 30 min. plus one lap of racing. Just right given the 80 km a few of us were facing the next day. It doesn't get much better than this. Except that it did. Thanks to a post-race dogfest behind the barn. Good times.

Thanks to Paul and Marguerite as well as Ray Hamm for letting us ride our bikes around their homes. Marguerite also did extra duty as trail builder, grass cutter, and card dispenser. And Genevieve helped out with the card dispensing duties as well. Of course, Johnny S, race promoter extraordinaire deserves all kinds of credit for making everything perfect. Pending a debriefing by the hosts, we hope to do it again next year. With twice as many people. And a barn ride-through.

You've seen the results. How about some photos (courtesy of Rachel and Dalila):

The back yard

The Hamm Housebarn

The cornfield

Johnny S, race promoter extraordinaire


Chris and a few of his many fans



Jonny G

Ben and his sweet Star Wars jersey



Lorne, looking sharp in his work clothes


Card dispensing done right. Check out the
concentration on both their faces.

Dogfest, KBK Style


Anonymous said...

The KBK was a good time. Lots of kids cheering us on, a fun but tough course and dogs and beer. You city slickers came in, kicked our A's and took our money. Savages.

KK said...

Looks like KBK fun. Interesting venue, too.

I think Hal gets extra points for that awesome jersey.