Thursday, June 25, 2009

WNR #3 Report

On a course where a good start is imperative, my race didn't start out so well. I got tangled up with some dude at the start and ended up dead last heading into the bush. At first, it seemed this must be the work of an RRR collaborator. But later Mike and KK encountered problems of their own and ended up not even finishing the race. Clearly there is a raving lunatic out there who has problems with the whole idea of the FGBC - RRR FGD Challenge. It shouldn't be surprising, really. When something this exciting comes along, bitter fools always seem to come out of the woodwork. We will caucus on Tuesday to decide how best to approach this disturbing situation. This agression will not stand, man.

Reflecting on his first race of the season, the President stated, "the objectives were met." Exactly what that means, however, remains a bit of a mystery. See below. The Fraggle won another race. With ease. And Jonny G narrowly missed out on the podium. After a horrible first lap, I did manage to pass a few folks--some riding, others standing beside the trail looking forlorn, and some with foggy glasses issues, who in turn passed me back when my chain came off. I ended up in 12th place.

The Sweetest Jersey in the World in action (courtesy of the OCC):

RRR showed up at the race with a plan to make a bold statement and narrow the gap on the scoreboard. They started a season-high six racers, including Larry and Chris D making their season debuts, and could be seen strutting around like a gaggle of self-assured roosters before the start. But the plan did not exactly unfold as envisioned. Only four of those six would finish the race. The same number as the FGBC. Or so it would seem. Penner and Larry are missing from the results. I wonder whether they are the mystery riders who gave Colin headaches last night. Colin/Kevin, take note.

Provisional Results:

Fraggle - 1st
Jonny G - 4th
Chris H - 12th
Penner - ??

Brad - 4th
Chris D - 6th
Gilles - 6th
Mike - DNF
Kevin - DNF
Larry - ??

Based on the results as posted, it looks like the FGBC eeked out a narrow victory, 54-51. If the situation with Penner and Larry gets sorted out and things change, the scoreboard will be updated. But for now it looks like this:


penner said...

I am pleased so say that the my goal not to be last was unofficially met (as per colin and susan), not sure if it is good enough to gain anything in the FGBC points standing.

a good time indeed!!

felonious said...

Knee high socks Dr. H?