Friday, June 26, 2009

Dept. of Fashion

No Friday Profile today. We've profiled everyone from Team FGBC with the exception of our longest-serving member. The Secretary and the President are working together on that one. Look for it next Friday.

Instead, we are pleased to announce a couple of exciting new opportunities in clothing:

1) SSSWJITW: The Sweetest Short-Sleeved Wool Jersey in the World

It will look something like this:

Cousin Adam is working on this project. Here is what he says:
I'm thinking Fort Garry in red script (like the Nordic Cross) on the white stripe, and Bike Club in white block letters on the red stripe. With embroidering, they'd be $66 US if we get at least 12, otherwise $86 (and only $54 if we do 30, but that's probably pushing it). And for $91, they'd do up a one-off replica Nordic Cross jersey for Brad. Spread the word and I'll handle the arrangements.
The word has now been spread. The ball is in your court, boys and girls. Drop a comment if you are interested.

[update - 11:38 am]

2) RRR Wool

As it turns out, our friends over at RRR are working on a similar project. Upon seeing Adam's proposal, KK sent me this. He says he mocked it up earlier this morning. I suspect, however, that they're simply trying to keep pace with their much hipper rivals.

3) MUERTO Hoodie

MUERTO Operative Gianni is heading this one up, with assistance from Halberto and myself.

It will be a full-zippered black hoodie with this on the back:

It looks like it will all add up to around $50, give or take. Again, drop a comment if you are interested.


KK said...

I'd spring for a hoodie.

colin said...

I'm in

The Dark Lord said...

Which one, Colin? The SSSWJITW or the hoodie? Or both?

Anonymous said...

I'd be down for a Hoodie.. that logo is sweet! or is this FGBCers only?

Anonymous said...

Muerto means died? I just figured that... I am slow.

The Dark Lord said...

You are in, Greg. Are you doing RTB?

MUERTO means dead. And, as an added bonus, it rhymes with Puerto. It is a very sophisticated acronymn with many layers of meaning.

halloewen said...

muerto por favor

colin said...


Brad the Impaler said...

How many jerseys does one need? I guess that's like asking how many bikes does one need? The answer is always: One more.

But I don't think I'll pop for a RRR wool jersey and a one off Nordic Cross, even though it is a beauty. Gotta fly the club colors right through cross season.

The Dark Lord said...

That red RRR jersey will look sweet all covered in mud from The Battle at the Bunker otherwise known as Menno Cross.

the secretary said...

definitely the wool. maybe the muerto, but i have enough trouble backing up the wool...

wv: gords

Cricket said...

I'm in for both

Anonymous said...

RTB for me...? can't commit yet, too much racing, and not enough house window installing and finishing has me in the bad books.. if I was sure, I'd have pre reg by now:-(

Life is sucking the life outta racing right now.

Registered for xc8 already though... is it in the series?

Anonymous said...

Both for me please:)

Dallas " I'm missing bring a friend because my legs suck." Sigurudr

Adam said...

Okay folks. Here's what they say for sizing for the short sleeve wool:

Size - Chest Sizing - Jersey length back

XS - 30-31" - 24"

S - 33-34" - 25"

M - 36-37" - 27.5"

L - 39-40" - 28"

XL - 42-43" - 28.5"

XXL - 45-46" - 29.5"

Send an email with your preferred size to wooljersey AT mts DOT net

Once we have enough takers, I'll place the order. They say 3-4 weeks for delivery, so we ought to have them in plenty of time for cross season.

Neuf said...

Hey friends,

I will spring for the short sleeved woolie - XXL again, even though I have dropped 40. Damn Seattle hills. Secretary - can I lean on ya for a delivery plan?


mike said...

I'm in for a hoodie- looks sweet.

Anonymous said...

2 mediums please:)

How do I pay for them?

Dallas " Tito get me a tissue." Sigurdur

mhandsco said...

We've got an extra long sleeve Nordic Cross Jersey - never worn - size small.

Let me know if anyone needs one.

the secretary said...

jonny n, I've got your back.

Olli said...

You accept wannabes? I'm in if yes.

The Dark Lord said...

Wannabes accepted. Which one do you want, Olli?

Cricket said...

I may be interested in the nordic cross jersey. I'll have to take a look some time

wv: prodog