Monday, June 08, 2009

Back 40 Bonanza

Dallas summed it up nicely after the race. The Back 40 is as good as it gets, as far as mtb racing is concerned. If you didn't like that race, then maybe you should start looking for a different sport. I have heard some people say that golf is fun. Or perhaps a spelling bee if it's the sweat and mud you object to. The course served up plenty of sweet, flowing singletrack. And enough short, steep climbs to make it really hurt by the end. Even the cramp fest that most of the 80 km racers seemed to endure wasn't enough to prevent everyone from smiling at the finish line. Then again, most of those who didn't finish were gone by the time I came in. And maybe those smiles were really the effects of facial cramping.

The FGBC wishes to extend a huge thank-you to our friends James, John, Kevin, Tim and the rest of the Tinker Creek gang for all the work they did in organizing such a stellar event. They have clearly raised the bar and demonstrated what a race should look like.

As for the FGBC - RRR FGD Challenge, KK won the belt for "best ride." But the FGBC won the race. Only 1 of the 4 RRR entrants in the 80 km race finished--KK in 9th. For the FGBC, I finished 5th, while Jonny G tied with Dallas for 10th place. Craig was one of the many casualties of a broken chain. He did not finish. Johnny S was 4th in the 1 lap race. In the 2 lap race, Unger finished 28th in his post-retirement return to racing.

The challenge itself has all of a sudden become a bit of a mess, however. RRR has raised questions about Johnny S's status as a member of the FGBC. Which is odd since Johnny is as core an FGBCer as it gets. He's never missed a Spring Ride. He's the brains behind our signature race--Southern Cross, the sweetest cx race in MB. And we could go on and on. But his association with ABES suddenly has RRR all in a twitter. In this regard, it needs to be pointed out that ABES is not a racing club. They are a society of bicycle enthusiasts, as their name quite clearly suggests. Johnny explained all this at the Spring Ride after we initially expressed some confusion regarding the implications of the new developments in Altona vis-a-vis the FGBC. ABES members who participate in the races do so as members of MCA registered teams. ABES man Curt F, for example, races for Tinker Creek. It seems Johnny is being punished because he likes to ride with his friends in Altona. This agression will not stand, man. Meanwhile, RRR seems to have claimed Gilles C as a member. This despite the fact that he has been racing under the B&B banner since the beginning of the season. That seems more than a little suspect.

So the FGBC - RRR FGD Challenge is henceforth suspended until we can get all of this all sorted out. We at the FGBC don't have any interest in the sort of finger pointing and mud-slinging that looks to be brewing. The discernment process will begin on Tuesday night at the klubhaus. It might be tense. You will want to be there. Should it all come to a spectacular end, at least we can say it was fun while it lasted.

Full results here.

Photos (the first two courtesy of the Back 40 crew):


halloewen said...

hmmm, seems like we should check dallas' race license to see who he is racing for as I have him on the Olympia members list (maybe wrongly so).

i am in agreement with KK's assertion that the FGBC member's list is fast and loose and they are willing to pad it in order to win the challenge. i think it tallies should take into account percentage of members racing; 3 out of 5 rrr is more impressive than 3 out 20 fgbc...

just saying.

Brad the Impaler said...

Many thanks to Kevin and the Tinker Creek guys. A fantastic race. In spite of RRR's poor showing, we all had a great time. And we have the coveted belt buckle.

There have already been some hints about a plot by the FGBC to steal it. Given KK's and Mike's long and sordid history of hockey violence, I think that would be ill advised. It could get ugly.

As for the points controversy, I am sure after a cordial ride and a couple of pints, all can be resolved. We have until November to accumulate points and exchange petty jibes. It would be a shame to miss out on all that fun.

If Johnny's points count, so do Gilles's. Problem solved.

The Dark Lord said...

Sadly, Dallas is not with the FGBC. As much as we'd like to claim him, we're not pulling those RRR tricks. I mention him only because FGBCer Jonny G finished tied with him for 10th place.

The Dark Lord said...

Um, the FGBC plays hockey too. In fact, that's how this whole thing started. And if it comes to a scrap, you would be wise not to overlook the fact that we have the weasel on our side.

KK said...

I echo Brad's sentiment about the Challenge. I think it's a good thing and it gets us out riding. What could be better?

I honestly have no problem with Johnny S' position on the FGBC roster - just trying to have some fun. As of yet, ABES isn't an MCA affiliated club. Or is it?

With respect to Mr. GC, I don't think it's inconceivable for a rider to change teams mid-season if contractual obligations allow. I think we've seen this happen in the pro ranks before (not that we're pros by any stretch of the imagination).

I have no doubt that we'll mutually figure things out to everyone's satsifaction tomorrow.

Yesterday was a fantastic day! Those TCC guys know how to put on an event!

Kevin B said...

i have nothing to add, but i just had to mention that the the WV on my screen is "humpa"...

glad you guys all had a good time, mission accomplished.

g said...

Good Time???

Great Time...YES.

I love those trails. They really kick your ass when you race them as opposed to ride them.

Great Time, Great Event. (Even without a belt to show for it.)

PaddyH said...

holy dnf's batman...sorry I didn't make it, time wasn't on my it was, it woulda been cheaper to drive an race there for 5 hrs(sorry Chris, math is hard), then to drive up to Canmore for it was I ended up on my road bike....

I feel like I'm crying wolf...see y'all in 27 days, assuming RtB is a go


Anonymous said...

What really shows us how classy and event/race is is how it treats the participants. I finished at the ABSOLUTE back of the pack literally closing the course down and yet was treated like a king with pizza and cokes at the finish.
How sweet is that?

In my 14 years of racing bikes and running I can say there have been SO few times that I can think of where the back was treated as well as the front at the event.

Very , very classy guys. This should be the race that all others are measured by in the province and in fact there is no reason out of province riders shouldn't be showing up. It's that good.

Dallas " My body really felt that day in the saddle." Sigurdur

Kevin B said...

if you had come (and won), you would have even had some gas cash. next year.

Kevin B said...

last comment by me was meant for paddy. and to dallas, thanks.

PaddyH said...


it's never been about money(other than how much race entries are out here-yikes!) or about winning, just the experience and fellowship suffering on a bike brings out in people, I definitely miss that about you guys back home, I think that's what makes me the most homesick...


Kevin B said...

i hear ya man. but it can be pretty costly getting to an from. just saying, we tried to reward the 80k winner best we could. we just need a big corporate sponsor to kick in $80k for the 80k winner, now that would reduce the DNF count.

WV- resti

tinker t said...

Glad everyone had a great time.....that's what we were aiming for, mind you with the trails we have to pick from (the back 40 is just a tasty morsel) it would be pretty difficult for riders not to enjoy themselves.

Next year......more cow bell.