Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday Anticipation

1) Vic's Birthday Ride

First things first. The Tenacious One is having a birthday and we need to help him celebrate.

50+ miles. Two food stops. Post-ride Scrapper. Good times guaranteed.

2) Wednesday is the New Friday

At least as far as the Grass Track Series is concerned. The next race had been scheduled for July 10. But that is Folk Fest Friday. And that is sacred. So the next race has been moved to the following Wednesday. Hopefully that will help attendance. The cottage set won't be tempted to head to the lake. And the retail crowd should have Wednesday nights permanently cleared because of the WNRS at Bur Oak. Be there to experience the awesomeness.

3) Reach the Beach

I registered on Tuesday. At that point, I was lucky #6. I trust there will be more. RRR will be fielding a strong team. Who will be there from the FGBC to help me counter their attacks?

Lindsay assured us last night at the race that it will be awesome.

Don't wait too long. After Saturday, the price goes up to $45.

4) 2009 FGBC Tour de France Pool

I know you are all giddy with excitement. I am too. Among other things, the Alberto and Lance show should keep things interesting. About half the rosters have been announced so far. As soon as the rest are set, we can get the party started. Hopefully that will happen by the weekend.

5) FGBC Work Day

And last but not least, don't forget about the poosher's plea for manpower. Saturday, 9pm. 147 Pinedale.


KK said...

1) Awesome! Can't wait!
2) Awesome! Can't wait!
3) Awesome! Can't wait!
4) Awesome! Can't wait!
5) Awesome! Can't make it. (sorry, Tom...the KFL AGM has me for the weekend, well, until noon on Sunday)

Brad the Impaler said...

What he said.

I'm hoping to join you boys on the road mid ride Sunday, or at the very least show up at Vic's to help with the Little Scrapper.

Sorry Tom, I already have a Saturday commitment.

PaddyH said...

3 & 4 for us stuck near the mtns....

see some of ya next wknd


mike said...

Where is the meeting spot for Vic's ride on sunday?

The Dark Lord said...

93 Arlington.

How was the race last night?

mike said...

Good race- fast, everyone was together for the end sprint. 6th place- won my entry fee back. Sweet.
I didn't flat- another good thing.
See you on Sunday!

tenacious v said...

If any one can bring a lawn chair or two for the post ride beers that would be great. I will have 19 l of Little scrapper ipa waiting for us upon completion of the ride.

Brad the Impaler said...

Vic can you carry your cell phone? I would like to meet you guys en route somewhere.

luke enns said...

i'll be there... with my newer ride. there seems to be a lot of wind today. hopefully that doesn't burn me too bad.