Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Challenge: Statistical Breakdown

Through this past Wednesday, the current score is 405-324 for the FGBC (but we are still waiting on the results for Penner and Larry from Wednesday). These stats are based only on the races, i.e., the Giro Pool is not included.

The FGBC has participated 24 races. RRR has done 23.

The FGBC has fielded eight different racers. Three of those have done just one race. RRR has had seven racers. Three of them have raced only once.

Mike is The Challenge's busiest racer, by far. He is also the biggest contributor of points, with 109. He has done 10 races so far. He has finished 7 of those. Chris is the FGBC's most active racer, with 6 races under his belt so far. He has finished all of them, for 100 points.

RRR has showed up to 6 races in which it did not receive any points. Three of those were at the Back 40, and two were last Wednesday. The FGBC has received points in all but two races. Both of those were at the Back 40. Those four extra zeroes for RRR could very well be the difference, especially considering that the Back 40 was a double points race. Remember, you must finish a race to receive any points.

LeAnn has the highest average of anyone in The Challenge. She's won each of her races. 75 points over three races, for an impressive average of 25 points per race. Adam is second, averaging 21 points per race. Nobody else is averaging more than 17 points per race. Does anybody think those two need to move up a category?

Full breakdown:


Chris - 6 races, 100 points, 17 point average
Jonny G - 5 races, 83 points, 17 point average
Craig - 4 races, 37 points, 9 point average
LeAnn - 3 races, 75 points, 25 point average
Adam - 3 races, 62 points, 21 point average
Johnny S - 1 race, 19 points
Unger - 1 race, 0 points
Penner - 1 race, unknown points


Mike - 10 races, 109 points, 11 point average
Kevin - 4 races, 62 points, 16 point average
Brad - 4 races, 52 points, 13 point average
Gilles - 2 races, 32 points, 16 point average
Chris - 1 race, 16 points
Lorne - 1 race, 0 points
Larry - 1 race, unknown points


KK said...

Those are some very interesting stats. I should pass them on to the analyst at work...he could plot all sorts of graphs and charts.

We're also waiting on the results of Thursday's handicap road race in which Mike and Deuce raced.

PaddyH said...

RTB looks to be a go according to the website....


The Dark Lord said...

Yup. It's on. Now we just need to dominate it.

When are you guys planning to arrive?


PaddyH said...

Sat eve...Naomi works till 6 or 7 am Sat morning....


The Dark Lord said...

Right on. Have a good trip. See you Sunday.


halloewen said...

On the point front, Gil and Chris D were at BaF. What a ride that was.

Not really a Cup race even though it was listed as one - more of a mini marathon. Elites were out there for 2.5 to 3.5 hours. Laps were 10+ km, not too technical.

Duece said...

Nice breakdown. I found it pretty interesting to see how the stats show that RRR has missed out on some important pts. DNF's are killing us.

Fun times.