Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday Anticipation: Late Edition

Before heading out to the mountains for some intense pre-Birthday Ride training, Vic sent a note with the following details about the ride itself:

There will be two stops for food: first at Dairi-Wip and then at Nick's Inn. Scrapper will be waiting at the finish line for those who manage to make it back alive. I can't remember the exact details of the route, but he gave us a rundown on Tuesday night and I recall that it sounded pretty awesome. Expect a mix of trail, gravel, cobbles, and pavement. A good excuse to dust off the cx rig. I think it was around 90 km, or just a shade over 50 miles.


Gianni said...

Can't wait for this ride.

Unrelated: Dallas - call/email me (I lost your address) about those wheels you need built.

Brad the Impaler said...
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Brad the Impaler said...

Can't make it to this ride.