Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Mike was 12th

We are losing. Forget the FGBC - RRR FGD Challenge. It's really the FGBC - Mike FGD Challenge. Results here.


mike said...

does Jack's time count towards Mike's (RRR) points?

KK said...

We'd be up the Red River without a paddle if not for Mike's consistency. Mike will get half the case of FGD when we win.

I'm not sure if we want to drag the kids into this petty, beer-fuelled rivalry, but I guess the kids' finished could count towards our totals, too. M, J, and B would have points for the Pinawa race if their finishes are considered.

To be discussed at the klubhaus?

The Dark Lord said...

I believe there are 8 FGBC kids in KOM.

KK said...

You're right.

In that case, I think we should leave the kids out of it.