Thursday, June 04, 2009

We Have an Alberta Chapter

Who knew? I didn't. But Paddy alerted us (again, because some of us are kinda slow) to the good news: he and Naomi have come over to the dark side. Which is to say that they are racing for Team FGBC this year. Stay tuned to the Friday Profile series to find out more about your new teammates. Or rivals, whatever the case may be.

It's not just that they rock the sweetest jersey in the world. Any old poser can do that. It is official, as in that's what it says on their 2009 race licenses. Which is more than some RRR members can claim, right Mike?

Now I know you are all wondering what the implications of this new development are for the FGBC - RRR FGD Challenge. Fortunately, the rules are pretty clear on that. So we don't need to be distracted by any petty little squabbles. Here is what the Impaler and I announced at the initial lauch of The Challenge on March 19:
Points will be awarded for any top 20 placing in any category and any discipline--road, mtb, cx, enduro, grass track, etc. Every MCA race is eligible, along with the Grass Track and the MUERTO races.
Unfortunately, that means that Paddy's recent first place showing amongst the ss'ers at Give8r does not count toward The Challenge. But Naomi finished 14th in the 2009 FGBC Giro d'Italia Pool. Those points most certainly do count, just as Chris D's would have counted had he not finished out of the top 20. So add 8 more points to the FGBC. Right on. The way things are going, those 8 points could come in handy.

Of course, P&N are loading up the Westy and heading east in July for RTB, among other things. Any points they get in those races will count.


PaddyH said...
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PaddyH said...

awe shucks

...if I find myself in Morden this Sunday, can I reg onsite(it's s'pose to snow here and I might pull a sick day at work on Sat....might...)

ps-what would one gear for that race?
Dave? Hal? others?


The Dark Lord said...

Onsite registration from 10-11. $30. The 80 km race starts at 11 am.

Would be great if you could make it.

Coach Dave said...

I think I will try 38/16 or 40/16 ish if it is dry. The course is mostly flat with small punchy climbs and endless rolling single track – kind of Birch on crack without any hills. There is one monster climb that ‘you’ could ride but it would be more cost effective to run. They took out the road but there looks like there will be a fair bit of gravel. It would be great to have you at the race!!!

PaddyH said...

sounds about right

it'll depend on how chitty the weather is here tomorrow if I drive out...chitty here-likely drive to Morden...not-Canmore or Waterton...we shall see fellas


halloewen said...

if i singie speed it, i would be inclined to go 34X16 on a 29er. that would take a toll on my old legs, but would be a balanced ratio for climbs and flats (i would be off the bike a few times with that ratio - at least 6+ times, one long and the rest shorter climbs)

PaddyH said...


Kevin B said...

hey paddy, it would be great to see you out man. i know nothing about ss gearing - specially for a 29er - but it is mostly short climbs - lots of flow, one long "feed zone" type of climb that you carry no speed into (right after a "crik"). but a couple of the other short climbs are pretty steep - granny for me, specially after a lap or two.

now feel free to correct my spelling and grammar.

wv - hinglik... no thanks.

PaddyH said...

I think I coming...snow and -1 in canmore...looks like rain in morden too, what the crap?


The Dark Lord said...

Right on. See you Sunday. Tim L guaranteed good weather or your money back. So keep your gas receipts.

PaddyH said...




The Dark Lord said...

The forecast is no longer calling for rain. The weather will be perfect.

wv: hipsio

Coach Dave said...

I don’t care what the flipping weather is, or if I come dead last behind Kevin ;). I just want to finish a fricken race without a mechanical. Rain, shine or ten inches of snow I am sooooo looking forward to this race. 80 km at Morden rocks!

wv potschok

Colin Antaya said...

No mechanical?
You got a new bike?