Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Fraggle is Back

She may be down, but by no means is she out. Those of us who know her know that it will take more than a tore up ACL to derail the Fraggle. She was back in action at Bur Oak last night and came up with a solid first place win (Comp Women) at the second Wednesday Night Race of the season.

It looks like the Impaler had himself a good race too. Fourth in Sport Men. He sure did look strong on the weekend. This bodes well for Sunday in Morden. Even Mike set aside his sensitivity to poison ivy aside and showed up to race against the expert men. Third place for the Hammer.

Full results here. Thanks to Kevin and whoever else made it possible for us to have same day results. Leading by example, those guys.

RRR wins this round 39 to 25. Heading into the Back 40, the FGBC - RRR FGD Challenge is basically even. Perfect.


Kevin B said...

FYI - The Back 40 is a double points race for the FGD Challenge. That's right, the ORIGINAL bike club, Tinker Creek is stepping in to make it interesting.

No getting out of it, no wondering, "Who do they think they are?" Look, when the Godfather of all cycling Clubs steps in, this is how it goes down, our TRAILS, our RULES. If you race the Back 40 - you get double points, but there is one catch. You have to FINISH. NO POINTS FOR A DNF.

BUT, we are also generous folks at Tinker and we will also be presenting a highly customized award for the "best" ride by either a RRR or FGBC member. (Not necessarily the fastest ride, the "best" ride, which will be awarded entirely based on my personal bias and of little value.)

So consider all this as decide whether or not to race the Back 40. The entire season may be on the line.

Good luck!
Kevin B

Legal - Tinker Creek Cycling Club holds the right to change the rules and even make up new rules as he see fit, any questioning our authority will surely result in no pizza and a bad starting position on the line.

Brad the Impaler said...

Sweet. RRR will be fielding a strong team: Mike, KK and I will be there. Unfortunately, Lars is still MIA. He is fast. And he has more bikes than anybody I know. When he does finally come out to a race, watch out! And of course, we are all doing the 80 km race. Any less would be lame. Maybe we should double the double points for all who race the 80.

Kevin B said...

Well, any FGBC or RRR member who does not enter the 80k race will be subjected to a public shaming in the streets of Morden, no question about that.

wv - fasterio

The Dark Lord said...

Super sweet! Thanks for getting it, Kevin.

mike said...

I think that sounds fair. Thanks Kevin.

PaddyH said...
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