Friday, June 05, 2009

Best Ride Award

Not to take the spotlight away from the Fraggle, but Kevin B, the Farm Team's urban operative and official spokesperson, has announced a special new prize for the Back 40. The best ride in the 80 km race gets this:

Note, it's the best ride, not the fastest. And "best" will be judged according to Kevin's carefully honed subjectivities.

Note also that this competition is restricted to members of the FGBC and RRR. To some, that will no doubt seem exclusionary and unfair. But since it's a given that the overall best ride will be put in by a member of one of these teams anyway, it's not.

And, you must finish the full 80 km in order to be eligible.


Coach Dave said...

I trust Kevin’s instinct in such matter implicitly!

PaddyH said...

that's rad...I figure 26hrs in a car for 3 hrs on a bike will have to wait for R2B(call it whatcha want)...have fun fellas and ride hard, see ya(FOR SURE) in a couple'o'weeks.



The Dark Lord said...

3 hours?