Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Profile: Cousin Adam

Crime is on the rise in the city of Winnipeg, and not surprisingly anxiety levels are also spiking to new highs. But while a sense of collective dis-ease is understandable, there is also good reason to remain calm. That reason is known as the Wheels of Justice. He cruises the mean streets in and around downtown on his trusted wire donkey, waiting to hear those anguished calls that spur him into action. His task: to save innocent victims from the purse snatching vermin and other criminal lowlifes that disrupt our placid civil order.

But like any superhero, the Wheels of Justice also has an alter-ego. That alter-ego is known as Cousin Adam. Comparatively little is known about Cousin Adam. They certainly don't write newspaper articles about him. And he seems to have a knack for avoiding the camera lens. So we sent our crack team of investigators to the archives to search for evidence. What did they come up with? Not the law-abiding and order-preserving ├╝ber-citizen you would expect. Rather, they found a photo of Cousin Adam seemingly acting in deliberate breach of the law--sneaking through the "Caution: Do Not Cross" tape! To be a superhero is no doubt to carry a tremendous burden. But to sink to depths so low is something we would expect only from the anarchists who occasionally consort with us.

Cousin Adam is also an avid collector of bike paraphernalia. You might even say he is a certified bike geek. Late at night he can usually be found in front of the computer scouring Ebay for vintage Campagnolo derailleurs, moustache bars, and other bits and pieces of arcane cycling gear. For this and other reasons, he is a bit of an outlier among the FGBC. He has never been to a Spring Ride. And for his racing exploits, he prefers to take to the road and challenge the 12 year old set than play in the mud and dirt with the 40-50 year old crowd as the rest of us do. Although these unusual preferences have led some to raise questions about him, his string of second place finishes and point contributions to the FGBC - RRR FGD Challenge are much appreciated.

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penner said...

it is always good to see "coucil for the crown" in action.

question for K Braun.
My kids want to race on wednesday (which will seal my fate to be there) ...will there be a U13 and U11 option and ? how long.

Now we need to work or the secretary....