Monday, May 17, 2010

All Hail the Queen

Queen Val, that is. She scored a big win yesterday on the vicarious slopes of Monte Terminillo. 255 points from Sorensen, Vinokourov, and Mollema. And not only does she win the stage, she also vaults into the top three overall. How do they do it?

Greg the Lunchbucket Kid was second, 100 points back. And Craig the Cricket finished third, five points behind Greg.

In the overall race, Jonah and Olli continue to occupy the top to places.

Full results and standings here.

Today's results coming soon.


KK said...

Two goose eggs in a row. Ouch.

penner said...

This ois crashing the theme here and is not really "FGBC" business, execpt to say that the FGBC likes to play frisbee and ride bikes...

I will be riding to MG tonight (and every Monday untill swimming lessons are done-which will be never because for the most part 'penners' little or big tend to sink)

Can I link up with any others on the way to the game? Where and when?

The Dark Lord said...

The Legends are most definitely FGBC business. It's part of what we are.

I am driving today. Rachel's out for the game, so the limo needs a driver.