Thursday, May 13, 2010

Vicarious Breakaway

"Born and raised in Pineola, his mama believed in the Pentecost. She got the preacher to say some words so his soul wouldn't get lost." Whenever I happen upon the name of Jerome Pineau, I always start singing that Lucinda Williams song to myself. Four common letters and a subliminal connection is made. It's a long way from Pineau to Pineola, however. And luckily for Jerome, his experience over in Italy today was much happier than the one Lucinda sings about. He won the stage, the best of a breakaway group that managed the rare feat of surviving all the way to the end. This was good news for Jonny N. He was the only person to pick Pineau from the list of stage hunters. And he was rewarded for doing so with the 150 points that comes along with the stage win. Combined with 70 points from Graeme Brown, the Burger Cat champ totalled 220 points to grab the stage win. That gives five different winners in the five stages that have taken place so far. We like it when the happiness is spread around like that. Such a happy group we are, despite our fondness for the dark. Jonah remains hot. He got points from Farrar, Bonnet, and Weylandt, good enough to finish second with 195 points. And Chris O rounded out the podium with a 165 point day. Those who have been paying attention will know that Chris always picks at least one Japanese rider, if possible. This time around, it is Yukiya Arashiro. Arashiro was also in the breakaway today. He went for the win, but didn't make it. He held on to finish third, though. So Chris's loyalty was rewarded.

In the overall race, Jonah's lead continues to grow. It has now crept over the 100 point mark, but just barely. Adam remains in second place, 102 points back of Jonah. But Jonny N has moved into third. He is just one point ahead of Olli. Matt has dropped down to fifth overall, 45 points back of third place.

Full results and standings here.

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Boy, Mike's team is sucking pretty bad. Whazzup wit dat?