Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday Anticipation: Late Edition

The days are flying by right now. How is a guy supposed to keep up? It is not easy. But we do our best.

1) Two more weeks

It has been said before that the FGBC does not have its temporal sensibilities governed by something so formal as seasons. That is not quite right. A better way to put it is that we have slightly different way of organizing the flow of time. Tuesday nights are pretty important. But our season always begins good and proper with the Spring Ride. In other words, it begins in just over 14 days with the annual A & W breakfast at Deacon's Corner on the way out to the Spring Ride.

2) Brandon

The pre-season has been going on for a while now. If you need to get some racing in before the sweetest weekend of the year, it sounds like Brandon will be a good option. More info here.

3) Back 40

Once the season is safely under way, we can turn our attention to other things. Such as the Back 40. Always a good time, even if a slightly crampy one. Pre-registration is open until May 15. Sign up now and you get a t-shirt. Details here.

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