Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dogfest Report

Good times. Very good times.

But not as good as the kids at Omand's Creek, apparently. When we rode through around 2am, they were just getting started. Crazy kids.


penner said...

a far better evening indeed than I spent preparing to present "Tramadol vs. Traditional y receptor antagonist blah blah blah". Important though it may be if you are having your "nards sandpapered" the matter of the book is also important.

this is the update:

Lawrence is "away.....for a bit"
Maureen, the day manager, is dealing with the book. she has only heard of us... not met us.
She is more used to providing "In House" credit 'like the softball teams' do after they reach $1000.
She is now aware that we don't play softball.... we like to play frisbee and we are partial to "vendor credit" system.
She is going to look at the book herself and talk some of the evening serving staff, they will be advocates for us I'm sure.

They beer WILL go to Ingolf, supplied in the usual fashion and picked up by the secretary the day before.... it can happen no other way.

El Presidente said...

Those pics are a little deceptive....what's with the drunk girls in the last pic? This WOULD NOT happen at an ABES meeting...unless our wives showed up. Then all bets are off.

PaddyH said...

you can get Pil in Mb now?

son of a....!!!

The Dark Lord said...

Bottom pic = the kids at Omand's Creek. Not the FGBC. Nor our groupies. Our groupies are considerably more subdued. Does the ABES not have any groupies?

El Presidente said...

Well there bare a few regulars at Grumpy's on Thurdays...I'd hardly call them groupies unless snickering and pointing when we walk in is an indication of their loyalty. Although we are all hotties, so maybe it is.