Saturday, May 22, 2010

That is more like it

It only made sense that Nibali, Evans, and co. were going to try and get back into this thing. Nibali won it on the downhill run-in to the finish. Scarponi was right there too. He ended up finishing second. With Nibali and Scarponi as her two main GC guys, this was good news for Miriam. She finished with 275 points, and picked up her first stage win of the race. 14 stages, 14 different winners. Prince Dan was second. He had 235 points. And Cousin Adam managed 215 points, good enough for third on the stage.

Dallas continues to lead the overall race. But Olli has fallen back to 4th place. Val and Jonah are 2nd and 3rd. The gap between 1st and 3rd is still just 29 points. And now Adam has managed to make it a five person race. He is in 5th place, just 111 points of the pace. Another fine showing by the VP Road. We expect nothing less.

Full results and overall standings here.

Another big stage tomorrow, this time with the mountain top serving as the finish line. And then after Monday's rest day, an uphill ITT. Good times on the menu.


Anonymous said...

I was punished this weekend by corporate Manitoba. Mts gave me a junk cable box so I had no internet Friday , Saturday and Sunday. I missed all my beloved Giro stages and the sweet return of a beautiful climber. Basso.

On the plus side I have finished the monolith. it took me 10 hours of hard labor to construct Mileys swing set. There are two single swings, a double swing, a fort, a monkey bar section, a slide and a climbing wall to get to the fort. way to much stuff considering there ate two parks with full playgrounds within a mile of my house.

Oh well Now I get to go for my long run tomorrow, anyone interested?

Dallas " One of you lurkers is a runner i know it." Sigurdur

the secretary said...

Don't worry vicarious bottom-dwelling companions... Despite being within virtual spitting distance of the podium (perhaps a first for me), I don't expect I'm going anywhere.
Most certainly not running insane distances with Dallas.

g said...

I do like to hear that someone is running insane distances though. That way I can bring up the fact that I know someone who runs insane distances when conversations get awkward.

Anonymous said...

Now if you want to see some suffering you guys should consider pacing me as Paddy did last week. pacing at a hundie is pretty much the best show around for watching people fall apart.
I am still trying to figure out another one Paddy can get to so we can do it all over again. Great great times on the trails.

Dallas " I might be running the fans 24 hour run in two weeks ." Sigurdur

PaddyH said...

last week or last September whatev's...nonetheless I never thought I'd see Dallas vs The Pepperoni Stick trumped, but I did....