Monday, May 03, 2010


If we were to stick with the original formula, as some behind the scenes RRRers seem to prefer, after the first four events it would look like this:

Fortunately for them, nothing has been settled yet. We might give it another try at the klubhaus on Tuesday. Then again, it might make the most sense to let the Challenge remain a good memory and move on to other things. Change, it's not your enemy. If you want a voice and a vote, if it should come to that, you know where to find us.


KK said...

It seems to me the couple of ideas tabled two weeks ago were poo-pooed before there was any discussion.

Let's try again.

Kevin B said...

Oh, please do something.

What would I do with the 2010 Butter Belt if there is no Challenge?

Maybe we'd award it to the best NON FGBC or RRR rider who happens to have a FGBC jersey. (Sure enough of those guys around.) They must be selling FGBC jerseys at WalMart.

Seriously, do something, flawed system or not.

WV - gradis

Kevin B said...

Oh I forgot, Chris, send me the artwork when you get a chance.

The Dark Lord said...

So race organizers want the Challenge to continue? Interesting. But not really surprising. Once we get the details of the Challenge sorted out, we will also revisit the matter of appearance fees.

Kevin B said...

I just think it's good fun and I don't think any other organizers even know about it anyway. Do they?

Anyway, I just think it is amusing, more like my form of vicarious racing.

g said...

Just know kb...the secretary is the true dark horse in all of this.