Wednesday, May 12, 2010

TNR Report

A stellar evening. The ride was sweet. The post-ride gathering even sweeter. We headed north to meet up with the NK chapter to escort the President back to the klubhaus. He made it without incident, despite passing the chain link fence in which he once got tangled up. The Secretary, however, was less fortunate. He got tangled up with a large branch and had to stop to restore his chain to its rightful place. Still, this was a minor inconvenience and did nothing to dampen the high spirits that were on display.

Upon arrival at the klubhaus, where Bill was waiting for us, we pretty much filled up the table. A final push to overtake the Taverners before the Spring Ride. More importantly, however, there was a palpable sense of nervous excitement in the air as the appointed hour for picking of teams for the 2010 Playground Challenge drew nigh. We began by scrapping the earlier decision that Brad the Impaler and President Penner would serve as captains. A random draw to pick captains seemed more fitting. And besides, the President was a nervous wreck. One can only handle so much responsibility. So we let him off the hook and drew randomly. Vic and JP emerged as the chosen two. This was followed by a brief discussion whereby the criteria for admission to the playground were clarified. Some names were stroked from the original list. Others were added. In the end, everyone was satisfied that the talent pool was just right.

Vic won the coin toss and proceeded to pick with the confidence of an experienced leader. JP was less confident, and had to ask on numerous occasions who some of the people on the list were. But his first pick, KK, was on hand to help him out. A competent assistant captain goes a long way. At the end of the evening, the line in the sand was drawn. This is how it looks:

On one side:

Chris H
Jonny G
Johnny S

On the other side:

Mike G
Jonny B
Chris D

Two even teams of twelve. Let the hostilities commence.



Anonymous said...

I promise to honor my team well buy showing up as much as possible and talking way to much. I also plan on commuting to work each day and getting into the best shape for the short stuff anyone has ever seen me in.

when does the battle start?
Don't say Sunday because I can't go:( it's a family thing.

Dallas " are we following yoda or darth sideous?" Sigurdur

KK said...

It's already started!

Get on that bike and ride. And talk.

Altona Bicycle Enthusiast Society said...

I'm on a team? Thanks!
Go my team! We're awesome!
Boo other team! You're going to loose.

Anonymous said...

Can we stop putting my name at the bottom of the list?

wv: dessev

Anonymous said...

Vic: while I don't know where I will live in the fall, I know I will race in the fall.

The Dark Lord said...

You are still basically a rookie. Settle down.

JP said...

One thing that wasn't discussed... Maybe we should pick team names as well? "This team" and "The other team" get about as confusing as "ditseed" and "yanseed"... depending on where you're from and what your last name is...

the secretary said...

Team names should suit grade 4. Like, "Team Awesome Riders". Or "Silver Speeders" (my mtb is silver). Ok, so, I guess those are my submissions. I'm sure we can do better.
Or, we could go with the best wv from the last couple of years.
wv: calentin

The Dark Lord said...

We shouldn't be too quick to rush into names. Now that the teams have been settled, we will need something to discuss at the playground after the TNR.

wv: metral

JP said...

Since I won't be able to make next week's ride due to work, Here's my concept for the record: Licht and Dunkel. Light and Dark. At many a german microbrew- these are the two and only two options. FGB as well, although they've introduced "rouge"... Might be fitting...