Wednesday, May 26, 2010


It means grit. Or determination. And it's always displayed on Stage 17. That's what happened in 2006 with the Honorary Captain at the Tour. And that's what Gianni demonstrated today, albeit in a more vicarious fashion. With 255 points from Hondo, Efimkin, and Konovalovas on today's not-so-easy "transitional" stage, he becomes the 17th different winner of the 2010 FGBC Giro d'Italia Pool. Queen Val demonstrated some grinta of her own. She had 195 points to finish second, inching ever closer to Dallas. And the divisive one rounded out the podium, with 185 points. He isn't really inching towards any destination worthy of note. But a top 20 placing seems a little more likely after today. We can always hope. There are, after all, Challenge points at stake here. So one mustn't scoff at those of us who scrap for the minor placings.

Dallas continues to lead the overall race. But Val and Jonah have switched places once again. Val is back in second. And Jonah, despite a goose egg on the day, managed to hold onto the final podium spot. There is a pretty fierce four-way battle for third place shaping up. Jonah, Greg, Dan, and Adam are all within 67 points.

Full results and overall standings here.

Those lucky few who have sprinters left in the race have a chance to make up some ground tomorrow. After that, it's back to the mountains before the ITT on the final day.


co2cycle said...

aarrrgh. 2 guys in the break and neither of them makes top 10. to add insult to injury, i'm losing ground on my race to the bottom, jumping from second-to-last to fourth-to-last.

let's see if Gripey can botch another sprint tomorrow to keep my streak alive.

Anonymous said...

so whats the plan for the weekend?

I have Mileys birthday Saturday so I can't head to ingolf till Sunday. because of Saturday i have to do my long run at ingolf and I plan on doing two laps .

If there are any riders who want to meet me at the trail head and yoyo back and forth for awhile I'm in.

Dallas" mmmmm rock" Sigurdur

Brad the Impaler said...

Dallas, you have serious issues.

The Dark Lord said...

As usual, our plans are quite fluid. Best to meet us at the Spring Ride HQ and we'll figure something out.