Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday Anticipation

Another late edition.

There are really only two events worth thinking about at the moment. Both of them take place at Falcon Lake.

1) The sweetest weekend of the year.

Only one more week to go.

2) The sweetest weekend of the summer.

Think of it as the summer version of the Spring Ride. Registration is now open. What are you waiting for? Here.

3) If you are still looking for more, Halberto has invited the FGBC to a Morden/Tinker ride on Monday. More info here.


penner said...

In brief conversation with Maureen, I sense that there really is no vendor credit. Lawrence being the man he is, is coming through for the FGBC (as he did with bike racks), is aquiring a "beer order" which we will need to simply pick up.

So... I actually need to order some beer. 437.00 to be exact.
for variety sake the order will be
1) One case of Fort Garry Red
2) The rest Fort Garry Dark

The Beer again is going to Ingolf

Brad the Impaler said...

Nice work. Don't let him sneak in any FG Pale. You know what happened to that last year. And I would vote for more Red, if I had a vote.

Anonymous said...

Well done, Mr. President.

I have a mountain bike now. You're all jealous.

The Dark Lord said...

That is good news. But why, exactly, are we jealous?

Anonymous said...

Because it's bwand new and I'm excited. Maybe you should just be excited instead of jealous.

Pics to come this weekend.

The Dark Lord said...

Excited we can be. We will be jealous when you use it to clean the boardwalk/babyhead section at Falcon next weekend.

WV: criss

Brad the Impaler said...

That's great Thomas. Deep staff discount?

Anonymous said...

Too deep.


Adam said...

I'm jealous.
I DON'T have a mountain bike.