Tuesday, May 18, 2010


The annual spring rite is upon us. That is good news, as it means the Spring Ride is just around the corner.

Be at my place at 9:30 pm to ride over. Or you can just head straight to Juan's.


penner said...

Dogfest is always good, however I am out.
Need to be partially awake this wednesday "scholarily article" discussion at 6:45.

Brad the Impaler said...

Excellent. What do we need to bring? Dogs? Beverages?

gwaj said...

what is this, some kind of poodle pageant? A shar pei soiree?

thank-you, thank-you. I'll be there tonight.

The Dark Lord said...

I assume Juan Eppstein will chime in to tell us what to bring.

juan eppstein said...

I have secured the traditional contribution from our friend Dave Rudge, so bring cash. Depending on the number of participants this may need to be supplemented with some pints of your own. I will supply condiments, fire, some roasting sticks, and a smattering of lawn chairs. BYO dogs, buns, tofu/avocadoes, and related snacks. If anyone is driving you can bring some extra sticks and lawn chairs. No shar peis or poodles allowed.
Also, bring Penner. He is the President.

Brad the Impaler said...

Little Scrapper?