Monday, May 10, 2010

We Have Results

Olli and Paul won the first two stages. But Charlie leads the overall race. It's very close though, with the top three spots separated by just 20 points. Stage 3 is on right now, so this will all change soon.

Full results and standings here.


The Dark Lord said...

CVV out. Broken collarbone?

That is bad news for a third of the field in the pool. He was a popular pick.

mike said...

Wow, what a race! Great confusion and a spectacular finish. Evans is the man though... sorry Dallas, that little australian showed a great fight today, despite losing the maglia rose.

Anonymous said...

Mike I picked Evans also. I want to believe a man can change (unlike Levi). If evens fails me on this tour he's banished to to the unmentionables list.

Dallas " hmmmmmmm, Fargo or fans. what should I do?" Sigurdur