Friday, May 14, 2010

Vicarious Breakaway, Part II

Jonah has been explaining to me how he does it. Finally, it worked. Hondo thought he won the sprint. In reality, he won the field sprint for third, behind today's breakaway heroes Lloyd and Bertogliati. 150 points for the win would have been nice. But 100 is good too. 80 points from Pozzato, another 70 from Modolo, and it adds up to 250 points and a stage win. Ian and Val tied for second place.

For the fourth consecutive day, Jonah and Adam sit first and second, though Adam has narrowed the gap a bit. And also for the fourth consecutive day, third place overall has changed. Jonny N's time is up, and Olli is now back in the top three.

Full standings and results here.

Tomorrow they hit the strade bianche. That should be fun.

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