Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Maybe it will stop raining. Maybe.

And maybe President Penner will show up so that we can draw some lines in the sand.

My place at 9:30 pm.


penner said...

have been know to melt

PaddyH said...

you can't have mosquitoes without standing water....

Kevin B said...

Hey, how about a Thursday Nite Ride in the south end of town?

Say right after WW KOM at Kings Park - 8:00

Two locations for some "new" and even newer single track. The trails need the traffic to get packed in. All have been raked and are ready to go.

Can anyone make that work?

Kevin B (Sorry for SPAMMING your comments.)

Anonymous said...

Darryl, I will be at your place at nine.

wv: flosope

The Viking said...

Kevin, I amy be able to make that. Kings Park imy old stomping grounds. You cut a bunch of stuff there? I might be a little late as Ella has a soccer game at 630pm.