Saturday, October 09, 2010

C'est si bon!

Because there was still coffee in my cup when I finished reading the Saturday paper this morning, I took a little extra time to flip through the "Unforgettable Manitoba" tourism piece that Travel Manitoba so generously sent along with the regular assortment of news and advertising. When I got to page 17, there it was in all its glory: the sweetest jersey in the world. Modeled by Tenacious V at last year's Southern Cross race in Altona, it served as the key accent in a promo shot for the St Malo race coming up next Saturday. Beautiful. With that kind of advertising, the field is bound to be enormous. A little taste of darkness like that will surely be impossible for folks to resist.

The ABES' Gavin was also featured prominently. He looked pretty sweet too. But not as sweet as he looked in this pair of photos from the previous year's edition of Southern Cross.

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