Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jerseys are in

Had a moment of panic when I feared that we didn't quite get the order we were expecting; it turns out that the only thing that got screwed up was the extra jersey for the F & H. But lookey-lookey what got thrown in! Mini jersey with suction-cup mounting! Double plus awesome!

Calculated with a $2 per piece shipping fee, and all prices including GST, here's the final tally:

Dr.H $100 (T-shield jackets look AWESOME!)
Adam $240
Thomas $50
via the Secretary: $56
G $157
Cricket $210
Paddy $180
The Hipster $ 50
Dr. J $110
J.P. $50

Contact me with your mailing info, to schedule a pick up or for the old mailbox switcheroo. mhandscombe at gmail


The Dark Lord said...


mike said...

are you sure that mini jersey isn't the crickets?

Anonymous said...

Awesome! What's the address for pickup?

mhandsco said...

Email me, Hipster!