Sunday, October 17, 2010

St Malo Report

The 2010 Manitoba Grand Prix of Cyclocross is halfway done. St Malo got things started off right. That was a great course. Very fast except for two harrowingly difficult sections: the sand pit and the steepest run-up in the world. It's a keeper.

In the B race, Cam took the hole shot but crashed on the first tight corner. He fought back to finish third. Milo won it again. Artur was second. If memory serves, Bill finished fourth ahead of a larger pack which included the Impaler.

I did not make it to the run-up with the camera. But the sand provided plenty of entertainment.

In the A race, the Cricket got us back on the podium thanks, in part, to the good vibes he received from Francophone version of Daniel Boone.

Olli, Don, and the Cricket got away early and stayed away. Olli eventually pulled away and then Don pulled away from the Cricket. The most impressive performance of the day was that of Paul Benson. His chain broke about halfway through the first lap. He scooted around back to the finish line. Someone was kind enough to give him a spare bike. He had to change shoes too. But he clawed his way back to finish fifth, I think. One more lap and he'd have caught me for fourth.

The fun continues today. The course in Altona is good. It will also be fast. Except, of course, for the hill. There will be sand too. But less of it.


El Presidente said...

Johnny wearing a TCC jersey?

Wow. That guy whores it out with the best of them!

Glad to hear St. Malo went off to today!

Gianni said...

Found after the St. Malo race, and available in Altona...
- camera tripod (black)
- Gaia hoodie and purple gloves
- Blue lunch bag (with granola bars)
- A Nalgene bottle owned by someone who speak (low?) German
- Black and yellow helmet with visor

If any of this stuff is yours and you won't be in Altona to claim it let me know - alteregoesau at yahoo dot ca.

Also if anyone has green leaf rake with name 'Hall' on handle could you please come over and rake my front yard.