Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday Anticipation

As they say in Belgium, de cross gaat door.

1) First with this:

More info here.

Jonny G and I will be heading over tomorrow afternoon to help set up. It would be really nice to see other representatives of the dark side out as well. Be at the Impaler's place at 1pm or meet us at the park later in the afternoon. Most of us already know that the FGBC and RRR are really just one big happy, if slightly dysfunctional, family. But if you hadn't figured that out yet, take note of the new RRR jerseys. They're not black like the sweetest jersey in the world. But they're certainly much darker than the original RRR jersey. Don't think we didn't notice. We appreciate the gesture. And we love you too.

I have a couple of really lame costume ideas in the works. One of them will have to do.

2) And then one week later we divide ourselves up into different categories and race for medals. On a golf course.

More info here.

3) After that, we have a bit of a break until the last race of the season at the Belgian Club on Nov. 27. We will keep busy. Keep your calendars open on Remembrance Day. There was some talk at the klubhaus on Tuesday night that it could be a good day for the Springstein Rundfahrt. There was also some talk about a windup ride/party. It might make sense to add a cx throwdown in there somewhere too. Stay tuned.


Brad the Impaler said...

I'm pretty sure my costume is lamer than yours. But Dr Divisive, I am sure you will get a kick out of it.

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify, for provincials there is no riding on the actual golf course. I believe a small portion of each lap is setup on the cart paths but none on the course itself.

The Dark Lord said...

No putting primes?

Olli said...

Yeah no riding on the grass, but I'll work my way towards that. Need to get foot in the door first.

Over 1000 dollaz in prizes for now. The total amount will be confirmed later this week (possibly race day). And of course the medals will be handed out.