Monday, October 18, 2010

Southern Cross Report

Next time you find yourself in a library, take out an illustrated children's dictionary. Under the entry for "off-camber" you will find a picture of the Altona hill. It has always been nasty, but this year it seemed the technical ante was upped even higher. Maybe even as high as 11. Throw in some loose straw and more bumps than a Winnipeg back lane and it was more than many of us could handle. All the crashes no doubt kept the spectators happy.

As for the rest of the course, it was variously described as twisty, squiggly and, by the race director himself, noodly. Little Luc described it as Bur Oak without the trees. It was also a very long course. Some weren't so excited about that. On the bright side, however, it meant fewer confrontations with the hilly beast.

In the end, Johnny S and the ABES put on another memorable event.

The FGBC did alright in the hardware dept. Charlene won the women's B race again. She was going so fast we didn't get any pictures of her. And the Cricket kept us on the podium in the men's A race with another third place finish. He wound up second in the overall Grand Prix competition. And Charlene handily won her category. The big winner of the day, however, was Artur. He needed to fetch a wheel barrow to haul his collection of prizes back to the car. With all the draw prizes being given away, it seemed like everyone walked away with something. I won three golf balls.

It was a good weekend. But a hard one. Does anybody else feel like they've been run over by a truck?

Token photos:


Brad the Impaler said...

I feel like I was run over by two trucks. What a great weekend. Thanks for the great southern hospitality to the Altona folks I sponged off. Next year, lets get a bunch of people camping somewhere out there.

mike said...

Actually feels more like a train- continual pounding that doesn't stop- when will it end....

Cricket said...

wv: fresh
me: not so much

Anonymous said...

I was loving life until about 10pm Sunday night. The head/chest/nose/cough cold truck hit me, very closely in rythm with the previous two trucks that brought deliveries from the pain cave on Saturday and Sunday.

What a great weekend.