Monday, October 18, 2010

Good News and Bad News for Ali

One week ago, he said "Just wait! The season isn't over yet." And it turns out he was correct. The good news is that his 850 point day in the Giro di Lombardia allowed Ali to move back ahead of Andy and the Vicarious Cobra. The bad news is that Jonah had an even better day. With 1080 points courtesy of Gilbert, Fuglsang, and Devenyns, he leapfrogged over all three of those guys to take the overall victory in the inaugural FGBC Fall Classics Pool. By winning the final two races of the season, Jonah moved all the way up from eighth place just a week ago to the cherished spot on the top step of the podium. Such a dramatic come from behind win seems fitting for this wild and unpredictable collection of races. Cousin Thomas rounded out the top three on Sunday. That moved him solidly into the top half of the final overall standings.

So the final podium is as follows:

Jonah 3865
Ali 3640
Chris D 3180

Full results and standings here.

Thanks for playing everybody. That was fun. That brings the 2010 season to an end. Check back soon to see who the overall King of the Pool is. Any guesses?

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felonious said...

So crushed right now.